Hultafors Laser Distance Meter HDL 80

Intuitive and user friendly distance measurer with a measuring range up to 80m. High precision, compact design, easy-to-handle size and comes in a slender soft case in order to increase mobility and can be attached to the waist belt. A backlit display in order to increase readability in dark surroundings. Typical applications is measurement of longer distances, cables/pipes, calculation of...

Hultafors Talmeter 3 Metre Marking Measure Tape

White, impact resistant steel tape measure, 16 mm blade width, graduated in millimetres with an ABS plastic case. Combined marking and measurement edges mean that you can quickly and simply measure and mark both internal and external lengths. The tape and extender can be replaced and are available as spare parts. Internal and external measurement using etching function. Diameter measurement...

Hultafors Dry Marker HDM

Grip-friendly pencil in holster with built-in sharpener for clear markings. Hultafors Dry-Marker is easy to remove from its holster, so you do not have to let go of what you are working with. The shape of the holster ensures that the pen stays in place even when you move. The pen's sharpener is in the holster for easy access. Via...

Hedgehog Easy Air Wedge - 170mm x 165mm (Pack of 2)

Pack of 2 Easy Air Wedges - The multi-purpose Hedgehog Easy Air Wedge™ is an inflatable wedge that makes the fiddly job of fixing and levelling easy. It holds windows, doors, appliances and equipment in place for easier installation and fixing.The built-in CorePlate Technology™ (Patent pending) ensures that the wedge remains rigid and does not buckle when it is pushed...

Hultafors Wrecking Bar Steel Adjustable 209 SB (25 inches)

Wrecking bar manufactured in high quality steel with ergonomic rubber-clad handle. Articulated claw, adjustable to nine different positions. Wide, ground contact surfaces and thin ends make it easy to use and reduce the risk of leaving marks. The claw is optimised for pulling out nails. The curved section at the chisel makes space for the hand and minimizes the risk...

Hultafors Nail Puller Atle

A versatile and easy-to-use nail puller. Despite its small size, it can easily pull out a 5-inch nail, even when the head is off or buried deep in the wood. You use it together with your carpenter’s hammer and pull using the claw. Made from red painted steel.   Weight: 600g

Piher Extra Deep Clamp (50K)

Throat depth: 50cm. Bar lengths available in 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 80cm and 100cm. Cast iron and steel jaws. Nonslip brake on moving jaw. Extra resistant rolled steel bar (90kg/mm2). Anti-rust coated bar (40 x 10 mm bar). Epoxy painted jaws. Maximum pressure: 1,500 N / 150kg. PLEASE NOTE: These are available to order in various sizes.Please email enquiries to...

Piher Multiprop P3 with Multiprop Accessory ARM+ (168-300 cm)

Piher Multiprop P3 Tilting non-slip pads adjustable to any angle. Spring mechanism for quick locking. World's first exclusive design: Unique patented adjusting and locking system. Quick set up. Easy, fast and accurate: Screw adjustable pressure. Nylon fibreglass reinforced handle. 1mm thick steel tubes. Completely waterproof. Really useful for indoor renovations.   with Piher Multiprop Accessory ARM+ Easy one-handed use. Tilting non-slip pads...

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