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Multiprop Accessories

Accessories for the Phier Multiprop.

Piher Multiprop Extra Long Non-Slip Pads

Easy and quick to attach to both pads of Multiprops. Aluminium body. Stainless steel springs. EPDM rubber anti-slip surface. Sold individually.    

Piher Multiprop Accessory ARM+

Easy one-handed use. Tilting non-slip pads adjustable to any angle. Compatible with all Multiprops. Manufactured in steel and nylon with fibreglass. Load capacity: 100kg.    

Piher Multiprop Holdall

Piher Multiprop Holdall available in two sizes: Length Capacity Weight (kg) Full Holdall (kg) 150 cm 5 x Multiprop Size 2 0.65 kg 13 kg 210 cm 4 x Multiprop Size 4 0.70 kg 12 kg    

Piher Multiprop Tripod

Tripod Multiprop and for 30mm diameter (Ø) tubes. Welded tubes and profiles. Load capacity: 450kg.      

Piher Multiprop Multipurpose Adjustable Hanger

Adjustable for tubes from 25mm to 30mm diameter (Ø). Made of steel. Hooks with plastic protectors. Load capaity: 25kg.    

Piher Fixed Pad Kit (Set for one Multiprop)

Screw holes and slots for fixing metal or wooden supports. Keeps supports parallel. Locks Multiprop spring system to improve the accuracy and security in leveling work. Made of steel.

Piher Multiprop Spare Pads

Piher Multiprop Spare Pads available in two options: Spare Pad. Spare Pad + Spindle.